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Born in the early 80’s, to a family of surfers and car enthusiasts, Tommy’s interests have always been heavily influenced by the skateboard and music scenes of the Northwest in the early nineties. Tommy first discovered Lensbaby in the mid 2000’s when searching for a way to make his documentary photos of these subcultures stand out. Fast forward a decade plus and Tommy, searching for a way to make his music photography stand out again, found Lensbaby again. Being that he’s found Lensbaby’s lenses to be pivotal in his own work, Tommy loves helping other photographers and videographers discover how Lensbaby creates unique and innovative products that empower them to find their visual voice - and change their lives. Lensbaby creates tools that enable photographers and videographers to find their unique visual voice. For over 15 years, they have been manufacturing high-quality creative effects lenses, optics, and accessories out of their Portland, Oregon headquarters.


For more information, visit www.lensbaby.com

Profile image by: Jim Hair

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